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We are pleased to offer a HIPAA secure, free and easy, text messaging service as a convenient feature for busy parents. You can even send us pictures!

Simply download the free OhMD app on your Apple or Android device and register each child (under his or her OWN name) with CareFirst Pediatrics. We will have to confirm each registration, and will not approve registrations under a parent’s name.


Patients over 13yo are allowed to sign up directly using their own device. Please make sure to only send messages under each child’s account, as these messages will become part of the medical record.

Helpful tips for registering: The first page asks for your name. Please put your CHILD’S name here. Then, it asks you to search for a provider. You will need to search for “Singh” not “CareFirst.” Confirmation of your registration may take up to one day, so please register right away to avoid delays when your child is sick. 

During office hours, text messages will be responded to as quickly as possible, but there may be a delay if we are busy seeing patients. When appropriate, your child may be scheduled for a same-day or next-day appointment. If you would like to schedule a same-day appointment, it is always fastest to call us during business hours.

When the office is closed, until 10pm, sending a message via OhMD will connect you directly with Dr. Singh, and she will respond within one hour. Please note that  medications will not be called in when the office is closed.

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