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Due to the risk of the novel CORONAVIRUS, we are now offering appointments for TELEHEALTH SICK VISITS to our patients. We will respond with video/audio calls. Stay safe, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

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Regular annual office visits for adolescents are important to prevent illness and promote a healthy lifestyle. There are many physical and developmental changes and challenges during the adolescent years. Our goal as your child's pediatrician is to guide your child during this developmental period and to promote your child's own interest in his or her health and well-being. During adolescent health maintenance visits, adolescent risk-taking behaviors and prevention will be discussed. To respect your child's privacy, we will ask you to leave the room for part of the adolescent visit to discuss any questions your teenager may have for us. After the exam, we will bring you back into the room to review our findings and address any questions or concerns you may have for your child. 
We strongly believe that adolescents should continue to see their pediatrician through the college years. As your child's pediatrician, we not only have the necessary expertise in adolescent health and well-being, but also a long-standing relationship of trust with your child.

5501 Independence Pkwy, Suite 300,
Plano TX - 75023


Fax: 972-758-0871


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