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COVID-19 Precautions 

We are now offering appointments for Telehealth sick visits to our patients.

Stay safe and follow for guidelines on CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID‑19)

Age of Immunization/Vaccination

1-2 days after hospital dischargeHepatitis B #1 (if not received in hosptial)
1 month -Hep B # 2 Evaluation of Development and Growth
2 monthsDTaP-IPV-HIB #1, Prevnar 13 #1, Rotavirus #1 (oral)
4 monthsDTaP-IPV-HIB #2, Prevnar 13 #2, Rotavirus #2 (oral)
6 monthsDTaP-IPV-HIB #3, Prevnar 13 #3, Rotavirus #3 (oral)
9 months Evaluation for Lead and Anemia ; ASQ -3 Development screen
12 months MMR # 1Varicella #1, Hepatitis A #1, Prevnar #4;
15 months HIB #4
18 months DtaP #4, Hepatitis A #2; MCHAT  and ASQ-3 Development screen
2 years  Evaluation for Lead and Anemia; MCHAT and ASQ -3 Development screen
2 1/2 years Evaluation of Development and Growth
3 years  Evaluation of Development and Growth ; ASQ -3 Development screen
4 years  DTaP , IPV, MMR/Varicella booster; Vision and Hearing Screen ; ASQ -3 Development screen
5-10 yrs -Annual health supervision exam that includes a physical exam, Vision and Hearing screen, laboratory testing if appropriate as well as developmental, behavioral and learning assessment
11  years   Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis booster), Meningococcal vaccine
12 and up Gardasil (HPV vaccine); Annual health supervision visit.
Meningococcal vaccine booster at 16 years.

Expecting Moms

Are you Expecting?


Call us for a complimentary consultation!

Phone: 972-867-8979

If you are looking for a pediatrician, CareFirst Pediatrics offers complimentary “New Moms” consultation with Dr. Singh. This will give you an opportunity to visit our child-friendly office, and learn about the quality services provided. Dr. Singh being mom of two young children know how important it is to find a pediatrician that will best suit your growing family’s needs. So schedule a visit at our conveniently located office.

Dr Singh has privileges at:

Texas Plano Presbyterian Hospital, 

Baylor Scott & White Centennial, and

Medical Center of Plano.

If you decide Dr Singh to be your expected baby's Pediatrician, please inform the hospital staff that your Pediatrician is Dr Anitha Singh when you are admitted for your delivery. The hospital staff will notify our office, and Dr Singh will attend to your baby during your hospital stay. 


We wish you a healthy and smooth pregnancy, and look forward to meeting you soon.

Patient Portal

CareFirst Pediatrics offers Parents Portal for our patients through Childrens and all our patients Electronic Records are secured on the Childrens Electronic Medical Records System.

First Time Registration:

Parents and legal guardians of patients can register below for online access.  Click here to Register

Patients 13 and older can also create an account after their parent or legal guardian gives access to the patient through his or her own account. To get started, complete the form below. All information is secured and private.

Registered User/Returning users:

Access Parent Portal after Registration: Click here


Frequently Asked Questions

My child has had a runny nose for a week, how do I know when it is more than a cold?
Most upper respiratory infections (URIs) or colds will last one and two weeks. Oftentimes they are associated with a low grade temperature (100-101) in the beginning of the illness. In general, children should be seen if the cold is associated with difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, high fever (>102), fever that lasts more than 72 hours, or a fever that appears at the end of a cold. Of course, if your child is complaining of earache or sinus pain/pressure, a visit to the doctor would also be advised.

My child’s runny nose has been thick and green…..does that mean he/she has a sinus infection?
No. Most colds will go through a purulent phase, when the nasal secretion appears thick and green. This often occurs at the beginning and the end of colds and in the morning when the nasal muscosa tends to be drier. Sinus infections will also produce thick nasal secretions, but are usually associated with sinus pain or pressure.

Will an antibiotic help my child’s cold?
No. A cold is caused by a virus. Antibiotics only help bacteria infections. Sometimes a cold can lead into an ear infection or sinus infection. These infections may be bacterial, and the therefore, may need an antibiotic.

Why not treat all colds with an antibiotics, because my child always gets a sinus or ear infection?
Antibiotics can have many potentially harmful side effects. For many years, doctors over-prescribed antibiotics to treat infections that were not bacterial. This over-prescribing has let to the development of bacteria that are resistant to the commonly-prescribed antibiotics. The more antibiotics your child is prescribed, the greater the likelihood that bacteria will develop resistance. Antibiotics can also kill many good bacteria that live in our intestines and aid with digestion. By killing these bacteria we can harm our digestive tracts and cause diarrhea. Of course if an ear infection were to occur during a cold, the risks of an untreated ear infection would usually outweigh the potential side-effects of the antibiotic.

Would culturing my child’s nasal secretions tell you what is causing their infection?
No. Many bacteria normally live in our noses. Even a completely healthy person will grow some bacteria from their nose.


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